App Mobility and Infrastructure Hybridity Across Any-to-Any vSphere

VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension delivers secure and seamless app mobility and infrastructure hybridity across vSphere 5.0+ versions, on-premises and in the cloud.
Hybrid Cloud Extension (previously known as VMware HCX technologies) abstracts on-premises and cloud resources and presents them to the apps as one continuous hybrid cloud. Over this, Hybrid Cloud Extension provides high-performance, secure and optimized multisite interconnects. The abstraction and interconnects create infrastructure hybridity. Over this hybridity, Hybrid Cloud Extension facilitates secure and seamless app mobility and disaster recovery across on-premises vSphere platforms and VMware Clouds.

Hybrid Cloud Extension Advantage

App Mobility across vSphere 5.0+ Versions

Transform your data center with secure, seamless app mobility between vSphere 5.0+ on-premises and the cloud without upgrading your vSphere version. Enable zero-downtime "live" migrations and scheduled low-downtime, large-scale migrations.

Lower TCO

Expedite cloud adoption while maintaining schedules and data governance. Enable hybrid cloud migration without retrofits, upgrades to existing sites or configuration modifications, such as IP address. Enable Auto VPN setup.

Infrastructure Hybridity

Hybrid Cloud Extension enables seamless cloud on-boarding. You get app mobility with infrastructure hybridity, thanks to features such as secure proxy for vMotion; secure network extension; and high-throughput, WAN-optimized, load-balanced multisite interconnects.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, Hybrid Cloud Extension recovers the networking layer. Traffic routes are maintained as before the disaster, resulting in high-speed disaster recovery with low downtime.



VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension is a SaaS offering that provides application mobility and infrastructure hybridity across different vSphere versions, on-premises and in the cloud.
Hybrid Cloud Extension offers bi-directional application landscape mobility and data center extension capabilities between any vSphere version. Hybrid Cloud Extension includes vMotion, Bulk Migration, High Throughput Network Extension, WAN optimization, Traffic Engineering, Load Balancing, Automated VPN with Strong Encryption (Suite B) and secured data center Interconnectivity with built-in hybrid abstraction and hybrid interconnects. Hybrid Cloud Extension enables cloud on-boarding without retrofitting source infrastructure, supporting migration from vSphere 5.0+ to VMware Cloud on AWS without introducing application risk and complex migration assessments.
Hybrid Cloud Extension abstracts vSphere-based on-premises and cloud resources and presents them to the apps as one continuous resource, creating infrastructure hybridity. At the core of this hybridity is a secure, encrypted, high throughput, WAN optimized, load balanced, traffic-engineered interconnect that provides network extension. This allows support for hybrid services, such as app mobility, on top of it. Apps are oblivious to where they reside, independent of the hardware and software underneath.
Hybrid Cloud Extension is designed for the following use cases:
  • Extend on-premises data center to the cloud. Use cloud resources as if applications are running locally.
  • Modernize IT infrastructure. Bulk migrate workloads from older vSphere environments to a full SDDS IaaS.
  • “Lift and shift” applications to the cloud without any change to design, IP, or MAC address.
  • Design applications to span private and public clouds and migrate as needed.
  • Enable disaster recovery to the cloud and from cloud to cloud.
Hybrid Cloud Extension can migrate from vSphere versions starting with vSphere 5.0 to next-generation solutions such as VMware Cloud Foundation without requiring vSphere upgrades.
Hybrid Cloud Extension doesn't need MPLS circuits. It overlays hybrid interconnect over physical connections – Internet or dedicated private lines. Hybrid Cloud Extension includes WAN optimization to increase the throughput. You can get started over the Internet and Hybrid Cloud Extension will pick up additional links when available.
Please sign up online or contact your sales representative for more information. Check this website for up-to-date information on Hybrid Cloud Extension.

Technical Information

vSphere 5.1 and above, including VMware Cloud Foundation.
Hybrid Cloud Extension doesn't need NSX for migration of VMs in your on-premises vSphere environment. However, when used with NSX, Hybrid Cloud Extension unlocks additional features such as high-throughput VXLAN extension and migration of distributed firewall rules along with the VMs.
Yes. It secures all in-flight data using military-grade Suite-B encryption.
Yes. Security policies follow applications when migrated.
Yes. Hybrid Cloud Extension has in-built SD-WAN that does WAN optimization at the transport level.
Yes. It supports zero-downtime live migration of VMs. It also supports scheduled bulk VM migrations.
Yes. Hybrid Cloud Extension supports bi-directional migrations. This can help migrate the VMs in both directions, on-premises to cloud or inter-cloud.
Yes. VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension supports multisite interconnect. There are many use cases of multisite interconnect. If you have small DCs at Europe, and have under-utilized rented cages, and you want to consolidate them on VMware Cloud on AWS to reduce your TCO, Hybrid Cloud Extension can help you do this without impacting the applications. Or as another example, if you want to keep private data on-premises, in say, California, and have two geo-separated cloud instances, one at Germany and one at Japan, you can extend your applications to such an architecture with Hybrid Cloud Extension.
During the initial installation, a single appliance is installed, which is the Hybrid Cloud Extension. It will install one or more of the following appliances as required by your use.
  • Hybrid Interconnect Appliance: This gateway provides a secure hybrid interconnect to the remote site with intelligent routing to avoid networking “middle mile” problems.
  • WAN Optimization Appliance: This appliance improves performance by utilizing WAN optimization techniques such as data de-duplication and line conditioning.
  • Network Extension Service Appliance: This appliance extends L2 networks to the remote site. This enables moving VMs to the cloud without IP and MAC address changes. This service does not require the presence of NSX for vSphere.
Hybrid Cloud Extension is integrated with vSphere web client so you can use the same management environment.
Yes. You can have multiple management domains.
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